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For Setting Up and Operating



Be sure to have this Instruction Sheet before you, before attempting to unpack and set up the DUPLEX PHONOGRAPH.

After carefully taking lid off packing case, remove excelsior and horn crane, then lift machine out and remove wrapping paper.

Cut No. 1
Pull catch number 1 and raise lid of machine until lid support number 19, drops into notch and holds lid up.

Next take rubber band off governor, number 2.

Remove all packages from inside of cabinet and close lid down. Part of the packages contain only excelsior and are used merely to support motor.

Next fasten horn crane number 3 as shown in cut number 2. This horn crane is put on with two bolts which you will find in end of cabinet. Put thumb nuts on inside of cabinet.

Cut No. 2
Next unpack horns carefully and lay flat on table or floor, placing the two small holes up with the larger holes opposite each other.
Cut No. 3
Then unscrew thumb nuts from tie rod number 7 and place in two large holes facing each other, being sure to place the rubber washers, one on the inside and one on the outside of horns on each end. This prevents any rattle.

Next unpack crossarm number 4 and, after removing thumbnuts, place through holes on top of horns as shown in cut 3. The rubber washers are to be used the same as on number 7 on the outside and one on the inside of each horn. After screwing up the nuts securely, the horns are ready to be set in crane.

Next put the turn table number 11 on machine as shown in cut 3.

Next set horn rest number 16 in socket number 20.

Next stick reproducer elbows inside of horns. Be careful to see that both sides go into horns within about 1/8 inch from turn of elbows.

Next insert crank number 9 in hole on side of cabinet number 15, turn to right and wind machine. When machine is not playing the reproducer and horns are to be rested on horn rest.

Next place a record on the turn table and place a needle in needle arm number 13 and be sure to put the needle up into needle arm as far as it will go, while tightening needle set screw.

Next start machine by starting lever number 10 and set needle on outside edge of record. Do not place needle on record until machine is in full motion. If machine does not start after working start lever, start turn table with hand.

It is just like any other piece of new machinery and may run a little stiff at first.

Next be sure that your machine is running the right speed for the piece you are playing. By running the machine too slow a tenor solo would sound like a bass solo. All dance music should be regulated the same.

Do not wind machine too tight.

Be sure that no dirt or excelsior gets into gears of motor. Keep your machine well oiled especially governor disc. Do not use a cheap oil as it will dry up and gum. We use 3 in 1 oil at our factory and find it superior to any other. Sewing machine oil is very satisfactory.

Keep your records in a cool place. Do not put them where the sun will strike them as the small grooves will soften, run together and spoil them.

Use loud needles only once. Medium and soft needles may be used two or three times.

For further information address our factory, Kalmazoo Mich.

Duplex Phonograph Co.